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ADSL is a high-speed internet connection that operates over fixed lines but doesn’t interfere with your voice calls, whereas Business Broadband ADSL is a business-grade version with additional features specially tailored for small to medium-sized businesses.

Most small to medium-sized businesses find Business Broadband ADSL fast enough for their needs. It will allow your staff to send large files, access critical applications and run online services such as video conferencing.

Check Availability

If you’re interested in Business Broadband ADSL, the next step is to check the availability in your area.

Choose Your Gateway

  • Standard Business Gateway $144
  • Premium Business Gateway $240


$60 / month
  • Data 100GB / month
  • Uploads Unlimited
  • Minimum cost is $1499, includes $59 activation fee.**


$80 / month
  • Data 300GB / month
  • Uploads Unlimited
  • Minimum cost is $1979, includes $59 activation fee.**


$120 / month
  • Data 1000GB / month
  • Uploads Unlimited
  • Minimum cost is $2939, includes $59 activation fee.**

Features and Benefits of Business Broadband ADSL

  • 24×7 Support
    Our business-grade technical support is available around the clock.

  • Predictable Performance
    Your connection speeds won’t slow even if you exceed your monthly allowance. (Excess usage charges apply after your monthly limited is exceeded)

  • Unlimited Uploads
    Uploads won’t count towards your monthly usage plan.

  • Capped Costs
    Your excess data fees will be capped at $300 per month.
  • CustData Access
    This reporting tool helps you analyse your online service so that you can manage bandwidth, upgrades and more.
  • Greater Freedom
    Move up and down between plans without being penalised.
  • Peace of Mind Commitment
    No fixed broadband excess data charges for your first two bills for new DOT (Digital Office Technology)™ and Telstra BizEssentials® bundles contracts.

* This tool does not guarantee service availability. Actual availability can only be determined once an order is submitted and a full service qualification check has been performed. **All plans are for 24 months. Excess data charge: $0.001 per MB (capped at $300 per month).


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